How To Protect Your Garden Against Pest Birds?

Birds uninvited come to the garden to eat the berries and corn. But homeowner do not know bird control and are always left with rotten fruits, flowers, and vegetables. It can be annoying for you to see birds swooping down your vegetation. However, you don’t have to take any step to harm the birds, simply call residential or commercial bird control services. Pest control Perth help in keeping birds out of the garden. Though professionals are best, you can also follow some of the ways to protect the garden; here is how.

Birds In The Garden? It Makes The Garden Less Attractive:

Crow, pigeon, myna, sparrow easily find access to the garden. But don’t kill these innocent birds. Instead, Pest Control experts in Perth recommends making garden less attractive by following these simple yet effective strategies:


You can make your own scarecrow and keep birds at bay. Relocating its position from time to time and changing the outfit will deter birds away from the garden.

Your Pets Can Help:

Have you ever thought your pets could be beneficial for the garden? Yeah, pets can often chase the bird and help in deterring them away from the garden.

Creating Barriers:

Barriers are one of the effective ways that not only stop birds but animals too. Creating netting protects the fruits and vegetables from birds and their attacks. Pest Control Perth always suggest using a high-quality net that lasts longer.

Toy Predator:

Create fake predators such as owls, snakes, falcons so that birds stay away from your garden. But remember, birds are not waxworks; they quickly realize these predators are no threat anymore. Therefore, often relocate and make them better at deterring birds.

Flash Tape:

A strip of bright foil, locate them at high visibility areas so that sun rays reflect through it and birds get scared and fly away.

Remove Easy Access To Food:

Food, birdbaths, standing water, sprinklers invites the bird to the garden. Therefore, start removing debris, close the trashcan, avoid spreading scraps, and regularly inspect their nest.

Garden Fleece:

Lay an additional cover for protecting the plants by draping a light white material. They not only protect the vegetation from birds but also against frost, wind, and insects.

Do Not Use Illegal Methods; Instead, Call Professionals:

Some commercial owners use poisonous baits, which are lethal for birds. While some other use means such as shooting or capturing them. However, killing the bird is an illegal activity. Therefore, choose the best way to get rid of this problem and take help of pest control professionals in Perth. They will inspects and provide an eco-friendly approach for bird-proof and keep everyone safe.