Tips to Avoid Ticks While Hiking

Hiking is always fun and you would always love to go hiking and have great adventure. Hence, hiking can turn to be dangerous if tick decides to get burrowed inside your skin. However, avoiding the presence of these pests is quite difficult and especially in the areas with healthy tick infestation. However, you can also take some of the smart precautions for minimizing the risk of becoming host. It starts from the dressing of a person to protection of the skin. 

Ticket Control Service
Ticket Control Service

What You Can Do to Avoid Tick Infestation? 

Covering Your Skin

When it is a hot summer day, you might have to worry that the clothes you wear for covering skin would leave your body to be overheated as well as drenched in sweat. However, if you wear lightweight shirt with long sleeves it would help you to avoid unfortunate meet-up with the skin. Hence, wearing pants is also important especially if you are thinking to hike over the grown grass. You should tuck your socks inside your pants as it would reduce the chance of tick infestation with you on hike. In case, if feeling hot is a concern then you can choose to hike in the evening or morning time or enjoying cooler temperatures in comparison to daytime.  

Check Skin Regularly While Hiking 

It would be good for you to stop and take time for checking the ticks during hike. If you are going hiking with your friend, you can also check each other for these pests. In case, if you have found tick moving on your clothing or skin, you need to remove them promptly. If you choose to wear light-colored clothes, you would get an easy time to spot a tick. In case, you have a dog with you then tick pest control experts suggest checking their fur for the presence of ticks. 

Sticking to Trail

Ticks love to stay close to the shaded areas that have great amount of vegetation. Hence, going off-trail inside the thick fields put you in a higher risk of coming in contact with the ticks. If you allow your dog to roam freely around would also increase the chances of pet to get tick infestation. You should keep your dog tied with a leash, which is stuck close to the established trails for avoiding ticks problem. 

Changing Clothes and Taking Shower After Returning 

When you return to your house after hiking, you should change your clothes immediately and toss your dirty clothes inside the washer. You should thoroughly clean all your clothes inside washer as well as drying them in the hottest setting to take care of ticks. The tick control experts also recommend inspecting your body in the mirror to look for presence of ticks on the body. However, taking shower would be the best thing you can do to remove any ticks present on your body. 

Tick Infestation
Tick Infestation

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